The Band
Grant Guilkey
Guitars & Vocals

Award winning guitarist, instructor and founding member of "Desperately Seeking Fusion" and "Sonic Boom". A hired gun for a multitude of projects and session work to name a few: WNCI, ESPN, The Godz, Pete Way(UFO), Heatwave, Nancy Wilson, Bizzy Bone, Vanilla Brown, Emporers of Bad Luck, Failed Super Hero, Lovebutter, Buzzjoy, Q-FM-96's Home Town Album, and Screamin' Willies' Rock Wars Champions. Judged by Billy Sheehan, Greg Howe & Columbus' own Mark Chatfield "Central Ohio's Best Rock Guitarist 1989."
Bob Rizzo
Vocals, Bass & Keyboards

Bob Rizzo began electrifying audiences as a guitarist, bass player and singer in the 1980's with the Progressive/New Wave band EMERALD. Exploring his passion for keyboards in the late 80's and 90's, Bob joined the Power Rock band VANDAL. The group played showcases for major labels including Atlantic and Columbia Records in NYC venues such as The Cat Club, The China Club and The Ritz. Their show at the club L'amour in Brooklyn landed them a spec recording deal at the famed RECORD PLANT recording studio in Manhattan. Bob later moved to the Midwest where he began sharpening his skills as a solo performer, playing acoustic guitar and singing in clubs throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. He continued to lend his bass playing and vocal skills to several bands such as the TONY MARINUCCI TRIO and the JACK FOX BAND. Today Bob Rizzo brings his vast range of vocal, bass and keyboard chops to complete the High Powered Rock Band SONIC BOOM.
Jimi Bills
Percussion & Vocals

Jimi started playing drums at 8 and professionally with Willie and the Poor Boys at 16 in Athens, Ohio. As a natural vocalist and drummer he was picked up by Popular Talent Agency out of Austin Texas and toured the Midwest with the David Spear Project. Jimi worked on development deals with with members of Buck Owens, Christopher Cross and the Butthole Surfers. Most notably playing drums for Elvin Bishop.